Smart Phone Controlled PaperPlane

Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

As a kid, sometimes I wonder if my paper plane could reach higher and stay longer in the air. Don’t you tweak around and make fine adjustments to get the best possible results.  Fast forward to ‘Today’….I am glad, the young-wish came true this time with this smart phone flown machine; a perfect gift for your long wish.

Go out in the open with some kids and have some fun.


That’s not all:  It not only fly but can do acrobatics with impressive accuracy and transports yourself in the air with live steaming camera with the latest version

Smartphone FPV with Life Streaming Camera
Smartphone FPV with Life Streaming Camera


You can also go for the basic PowerUp 2.0 Electric Paper Airplane Conversion kit


Basic 2.0 paperplane

Power up 2.0 Electric paper AirplaneConversion kit

And just in case if you are looking for – how to set up. Check this video, Its easy as ABC



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