Personalised Cassette Cushion

BACK IN THE DAYS, we used to get a signed cassette as gift from best friends and love ones.  Who would ever thought ‘this’ old thing would become a unique style statement ?-upholstering your space the antique way! Commemorate the walkman days and moments of nostalgia as you lay in leisure on this personalised Cassette Cushion or Pillow.

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You will be glad to know how many vintage items one can actually come up with. Welcome your guests at the door with this classical retro cassette doormat. You might want to create, customize and weave beautiful words on the mat.

How about rolling yourself up in this vintage blanket. Reminisce the sweet olden days of the cassette years deep into your delicious slumber. A perfect gift even for those new gen and help them imagine how the old days looks and feel like-‘before the advent of the digital era.’

That’s not all. We can still come up with the idea of helping you organize your stationery items. Rewind the good old time with style and utility. Even the 80’s tape is replaced with a sticky tape. Display clean desk with image of vintage set up.

cassette tape Stationery-Organiser, pen Holder

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