Hottest Pepper Chocolate

SURPRISE YOUR TASTE BUDS with this bitter sweet melting hot experience! 

The Ghostly dark Chocolate ever made from one of the hottest chillies in the world with Scoville range of 855,000 SHUs.

For those of you wondering about the sizzling introduction, this taste bud stimulating chocolate has ingredient made from the same exotic organic extract used in making pepper grenade by IDRDO ( India’s Defense Research Development Organization), and subsequently used in successfully flushing out terrorists from its hiding nest in India. 

Meanwhile, HillWild turned the combat table and created a unique and luscious ‘ARTISAN CHOCOLATE’ with love- you can give your dear ones to display some adventurous love affairs. 

No! I am not here to scare you. The Naga King Chilli has unique flavour and aroma, so exclusively palatable that ‘Master of Malt’ turned its nectar into a beverage: The ‘Naga Chilli Vodka’. Isn’t that appealing as well? 

The Artisan Chocolate is fused with the right dosage and It’s just one gustatory art you should taste once in your lifetime.

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