Reading Nature’s Signs – Impress Yourself and Others- Not everyone knows this Art

Nature Is Always talking To You.

Are you listening?

Just see what the Wall Street journal, The times , Publishers weekly, The great outdoor magazine, Sunday Times, the Royal Institute of Navigation  and many others have to say about this great award winning book-every one from young and old alike will definitely give a raise to Tristan Gooley. 

We are part of nature and it is so natural for us to understand the recognizable or intricate clues, but like the book title said “The Lost Art “- The connection and the art of reading nature is lost somewhere.

But would you want to relive the innate lost art and impress others with awe and amazement. You will definitely enjoy the 402 pages of private investigation and amaze yourself too.

  • Winner of the Outdoor Book of the Year, The Great Outdoor Award 2015
  • 2015 INDIEFAB Honorable Mention for Adventure & Recreation

Nature signs lost art best book fun

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