Portable Washing Machine – Wash Bag for Travelers, Campers and Hikers Lightest and Smallest

BECOME A MINIMALIST travel hacker with the world lightest and smallest portable laundry system wash bag- 142 gm. One effective way to travel light and save money at the same time.

Most of us as a traveler, adventurer and backpacker want to make our trip easy, convenient and effective; and washing is one of the most important affairs we want to deal with ease ( unproductive activities yeah?).

Wash your clothes in an easier and effective ways whenever you go for a long camping trip or hiking, should a need arise to use water sparingly or at the most reduce your luggage and backpack loads by carrying less items while on the go- an ideal way to travel light.

You can also store away your dirty clothes in it too before you actually take it out to wash them off. Being minimalistic is so important to get the best out of your time and space. You can save money at the same time- We have been paying a lot to hotels for washing our clothes. 

Become a cool travel and adventure hacker one step at the time with useful and life saving adventure gears.

Scrubba washing bag

Scrubba-NOBULES inside1

scrubba washing bag Minimalist traveler gear, hackers


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