Filter Water From any Source-Award Winning Lifestraw


LifeStraw Filter Water Bottle is a Lifesaver

LifeStraw is a lifesaver not only for the unprivileged citizens-the poorest of the poor; but is also one of the best outdoor and survival water purifier filter kits available so far.

All the adventurous souls would surely thank Vestergaard for their innovation and spirit to change peoples life. Lifestraw is an award winning filter-water bottle

What else can you ask for a light bottle ( 110 gms with kit) that filters out 99.99 % waterborne bacteria and protozoan parasites with no chemicals ( odourless) and filters up to 1000 liters of water ( filter is replaceable).

Turn Muddy water into clean drinking water

If you prefer to travel light, you can simply carry the filter and drink directly from the water source as you go.

portable filter water bottle Lifestraw survival kit

Their Innovation doesn’t  confined to just one concept- they have refined the prototype water purifier filter with stage 2 filtration process to reduce chlorine and bad odor with replaceable carbon capsule.

filter water bottle Lifestraw Go stage 2

LifeStraw has become the darling of every outdoor and adventure enthusiast and is the best water purifier for outdoor and survival so far. And the price is relatively cheap as compared to its significantly valuable advantages.


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