Cow Dung Cakes Selling Like Hot cakes-No Bull Shit!


Yes! Cow dung on sale-online.



Many of you may think this is one of the weirdest and interesting things people buy and sell on Amazon. Though it may sound unusual-It is not too weird either-if you really know why people buy such stuff ( no, not just for manure).

And what if I tell you, it is selling like ‘hot cakes’ and these cakes are also send as gifts to relatives and friends.For those of you who are still amused check what buyers had to say on Amazon and see if it really serves their needs.

The sale for cow dung cakes swells during the festive season like Diwali. Most city dwellers almost find it impossible to gather their needs, so they turn to online market as source to acquire it. 

It not just Amazon but other sellers like Aggevasu that accepts cash and bank transfer payment.

image: ageevasu




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