Selfie Portrait Stamp

customised portrait stamp
APART FROM INSTAGRAM AND FACEBOOK self obsessed rituals, you might want to introduce to the world a new style of selfie in a retro way by getting a customised Selfie Portrait Stamp for wedding invitation, holiday gifts, stamp card and mails, or even as valentine’s gift for your love.  

Funny Fish Shaped Pouch

gifts for kids, fish zipper pouch , weird gifts
Fish your pens, pencils and make up kit out from a fish belly. This  weird and funny fish shaped pouch is a perfect gift for kids and novelty freak friends.  Made of soft and high quality material and padded forms.-it is hilariously a perfect organiser for small accessories and stationery items. 

$100 Bill Toilet Paper-Gag Gifts

HELP YOUR FRIEND find alternative ways of flushing their money down the drain without any regrets. Send this $100 bill toilet paper as gag gifts-No shitty Idea ehh! This is one perfect way of keeping your dream of having incredible wealth alive by wiping your ass affluently while you rest in the comfort of your ....

Cow Dung Cakes Selling Like Hot cakes-No Bull Shit!

  Yes! Cow dung on sale-online. NO BULL SHIT!!!   Many of you may think this is one of the weirdest and interesting things people buy and sell on Amazon. Though it may sound unusual-It is not too weird either-if you really know why people buy such stuff ( no, not just for manure). And ....