Foldable Sunglasses- Best Gifts for Travellers

LESS IS MORE! ‘Creativity’ is the word to make things happen. Don’t carry your sunglass case whenever you hang out by the beaches or go for a long hike in the mountains. These cool and unique foldable sunglasses is the answer for hassle free travel and casual outings. Calling all the sporty people out there! ....

Anti Cut Safety Gloves

SOME JOBS like wood carving, cutting glasses and wire stripping are very tricky. Avoid potential injury and get your work done without any fear of getting nicks and cuts while handling sharp edges and blades with anti cut safety gloves. Apart from being a great buddy for mechanical works at your work shed, this food ....

Gardening Gloves With Claws

garden gloves with claws
  I CAN READ your mind right now : Why does it take someone so long to come up with this novelty idea of borrowing cool concepts from nature or animals-Nature is the best design and concept teacher. The tools to make a gardener’s job easy, fast and enjoyable are literally at your finger tips. ....

Gladiator Inspired Sandals

Gladiator Sandal
FUSE YOUR MODERN fashion sense with the timeless image of the glorious past by re-introducing the immortal statement of the Roman era into your own style- The gladiator inspired sandals is a chic since time immemorial and has inspired great modern names like Versace and Calvin Klein as well. This stylish sandals from Bother Vellies ....

Kids Safety Belt for Two Wheeler- By KidSafeBelt

KIDSAFE Belt - Two Wheeler Child Safety
WHENEVER YOU TAKE your kids for a fun ride or to school -Safety, comfort and peace of mind is what matters most. Rely on this comfortable kids safety belt for two wheeler- By KidSafeBelt that can be worn while your kid snug you from behind or positioning securely in the front of your moped or motorcycle. ....

Anti-Tangle Wristband Headphone

wraps anti tangle wrist headphone
WEAR YOUR headphone as fashionable adornment whenever you are not listening to your favorite music. This anti-tangle wristband headphone wont give you the  burden of reorganizing or storing away in your bag or having to dangle around your neck. Its all about comfort, convenience and style wherever you are.      

Mermaid Tail Blanket- Hand Knitted Looks

mermaid blanket
AWAKEN YOUR FASCINATION and keep the legendary folklore alive by transforming yourself into a beautiful aquatic creature by slipping into this warm mermaid tail blanket. The gorgeous sea theme blue perfectly add a touch of marine personality. This is a perfect gift idea for your girlfriend ( who wishes she was a mermaid).  Cozy up! ....

Fart Gas Neutralizing Pads – Gag Gift

NOW YOU CAN quietly release the ‘mischief gas’ and say good bye to embarrassing moments and having to forced control your fart. This fart gas neutralizer pad comes with activated Physico- natural absorption technology, comfortable to wear, hygienic and lightweight.  You might want to send this as a gag gift to your friends and relatives ....

Transmit Sound Through Bone-Headphone

aftershockz bone conduction
Bone Conduction Earphone Will Change the Way You Listen to Your Favourite Music- SAY GOODBYE TO ear plugged headphones discomfort. A combination of amazing sound experience and getting to hear the surrounding sound at the same time while you play your favorite workout or running music is a fantastic evolution- an introduction of cool wearables ....

‘Thug Life’ Sunglasses : Make GIF Come Alive

You have come across this ‘thug life’Deal with it Sunglasses somewhere- in a meme, animated GIF or YouTube videos. Now, you could make the GIF come to life. Great for when you want to convey to others that they should just, “deal with it.” Is your behavior objectionable, but you are tired of expressing in words ....

Waterproof Socks

100% water proof socks breathable -768x546
YOUR BEST HIKING BOOTS alone are not enough for perfect adventure trip with those soaking socks and wet feet.Don’t ignore and overlook the  importance of wearing a good and comfortable socks while you are out in the wilderness. There are some other alternative to wearing a waterproof socks even on a pleasant weather but there’s always an element of nature’s way ....

Fish Scale Mermaid Leggings

mermaid leggings
MERMAIDS HAVE FASCINATED US for a long time and it has even inspired us to create fascinating clothing as well. Display your shimmering beautiful legs as if a mysterious creature has just been comfortably washed off-shore from the deep blue sea.