Disguised Dictionary Safe Box

disguised book safe
  THIS DISGUISED dictionary safe is the last thing a burglar will look for, and the chances are 1 in million unless the mischievous crook happened to stumble upon the same article you are reading right now. The ‘New English Dictionary’ safe box looks exactly like a real book and is a perfect camouflage that ....

Kids Safety Belt for Two Wheeler- By KidSafeBelt

KIDSAFE Belt - Two Wheeler Child Safety
WHENEVER YOU TAKE your kids for a fun ride or to school -Safety, comfort and peace of mind is what matters most. Rely on this comfortable kids safety belt for two wheeler- By KidSafeBelt that can be worn while your kid snug you from behind or positioning securely in the front of your moped or motorcycle. ....

Hidden Spy Camera With Night Vision- Wifi & SD Card

clock spy cam
DISGUISE YOU SPY-CAM in a digital clock and monitor your home or office live right from  your android smartphone or iPhone from anywhere whenever you are away or simply record in SD card if you don’t have WiFi router. This Digital pro clock hidden camera with inbuilt bluetooth speaker and FM radio has a stunning resolution ....

Sting and Bite Poison Sucker-Emergency First Aid Kit

PAINLESSLY EXTRACT INSECT POISON  and string from wasp, bees, ants and unfriendly bugs. A must have emergency kit for all nature lovers, farm, outdoor, recreation and camping or even for home use or at least store away in your car. Many are skeptical about treating a snake bite with any suction pump or extractor but this ....

Tyre Puncture Repair and Inflation Kit

tyre repair kit
Without having to remove the wheel or set up a jack, go for a quick and easy solution to repair punctured tyre on emergency situation with no sweat and hassle.This DIY kit comes with a mushroom plug technology and compact co2 cylinders ideal for all tubeless tyre.     

Filter Water From any Source-Award Winning Lifestraw

lifestraw-water bottle
  LifeStraw Filter Water Bottle is a Lifesaver LifeStraw is a lifesaver not only for the unprivileged citizens-the poorest of the poor; but is also one of the best outdoor and survival water purifier filter kits available so far. All the adventurous souls would surely thank Vestergaard for their innovation and spirit to change peoples ....