Selfie Portrait Stamp

customised portrait stamp

APART FROM INSTAGRAM AND FACEBOOK self obsessed rituals, you might want to introduce to the world a new style of selfie in a retro way by getting a customised Selfie Portrait Stamp for wedding invitation, holiday gifts, stamp card and mails, or even as valentine’s gift for your love. 

Funny Fish Shaped Pouch

gifts for kids, fish zipper pouch , weird gifts

Fish your pens, pencils and make up kit out from a fish belly. This  weird and funny fish shaped pouch is a perfect gift for kids and novelty freak friends.  Made of soft and high quality material and padded forms.-it is hilariously a perfect organiser for small accessories and stationery items. 

Hottest Pepper Chocolate

Hottest Chilli Chocolate HillWild

SURPRISE YOUR TASTE BUDS with this bitter sweet melting hot experience!  The Ghostly dark Chocolate ever made from one of the hottest chillies in the world with Scoville range of 855,000 SHUs. For those of you wondering about the sizzling introduction, this taste bud stimulating chocolate has ingredient made from the same exotic organic extract used ….

Reversible No Drip Umbrella

reversible umbrella

HOW COOL is it to get in your car without spilling water inside your car or get out without getting wet in the pouring rain. The reverse folding traps the rain water inside the folding area leaving the dry side outside. So, no more dripping and spilling water as you enter your house. Many may think- ….

PornBurger Cook Book

pornburger book M ramsey

FORGET ABOUT the title of the book. It just doesn’t mean to get your attention but truly speaking, if there was a need for Parental Guidance Advisory to get past culinary censor board, this book definitely needs a rating to get you through your gustatory sensuality. This ‘PornBurger’ by Mathew Ramsey is meant for all ….

Syringe Pens And Marker

syringe pens and markers

  ISN’T IT COOL to withdraw a syringe from your pocket and do some incredible things like writing on your notepad with it literally?-a short display of legendary act before everyone realizes the truth. Do you know someone likely to get a heart attack on being exposed to syringe and needle. Make it worse by ….

Cartoon Illusion Bag- Comic 2d Inspired

cartoon bags 2d

TRANSFORM CARTOON character bag into a fashionable piece of existence, turn every eyes including the kids wherever you go! Inspired by comic books, cartoon illusion 2d bag is definitely an interesting work of art for your accessories, glasses, phone etc. Passerby will look twice and make sure if it’s really a cartoon thing you are carrying around. ….

Ctrl-Alt-Del Mugs / Bowl

ctrl alt del mugs

CREATIVITY HAS NO limits. Control your life, find Alternative ways, Delete negative thoughts and sip your tea and eat healthy nuts from these Ctrl-Alt-Del mugs.Whenever you are not using them, it becomes a perfect display of brilliant creation in your office. You might also want to convert these bowls for storing away small stationery items ….

Selfie Toaster

AS IF the social media and smart phone app is not enough for your self obsessed rituals, you can drink and eat selfie literally. it’s ‘no draining’ your money  for nothingness- It’s just being fun at breakfast. Fill and fun at the same time.    

Disguised Dictionary Safe Box

disguised book safe

  THIS DISGUISED dictionary safe is the last thing a burglar will look for, and the chances are 1 in million unless the mischievous crook happened to stumble upon the same article you are reading right now. The ‘New English Dictionary’ safe box looks exactly like a real book and is a perfect camouflage that ….

Adjustable Laptop Stand- Sofa,Bed,Couch and Lazyboy

foldable adjustable laptop stand light

ACCESS YOUR LAPTOP in any position as you desired.Don’t let any discomfort or computer related injury hamper your work- Enjoy productive lifestyle with versatile laptop stand.This adjustable lightweight portable laptop stand allows you to comfortably work from anywhere: be it on your lazy boy, lying on your sofa,couch or bean bags. You can also create ….

Samurai Umbrella-Unique And Fancy Designer Ninja Umbrella

WHAT SORT OF NINJAS show up every time the sky turns ash grey ready for downpour? ‘Coincidence’- they might think until someone notices this novelty way of keeping yourself dry fused with remarkable gait and style. This unique and fancy samurai umbrella is a unisex design suitable for him and her. Samurai Umbrella will make ….

Designer Nesting Knives-Award Winning

chef, paring , kitchen carving knives

SURELY, these award winning designer nesting knives set are crafted with passion for the love of creativity- A combination of great design, handling, usability, visually pleasing and artistic work with four different types of high quality stainless steel knives: paring, kitchen, chef and carving knife in one package.  Do you know someone who loves to cook ….

Globe Fire Pit-Custom Made

fie pit globe creative

  GET CREATIVE ! For art’s sake, set the whole world on fire in your backyard. This unique globe fire pit will catch everyone’s attention while keeping them warm and entertained. This creative Custom made fire pit carved out of thick steel will keep your patio and lawn alive for a very long time, and if ….

Fart Gas Neutralizing Pads – Gag Gift


NOW YOU CAN quietly release the ‘mischief gas’ and say good bye to embarrassing moments and having to forced control your fart. This fart gas neutralizer pad comes with activated Physico- natural absorption technology, comfortable to wear, hygienic and lightweight.  You might want to send this as a gag gift to your friends and relatives ….

Hottest Naga Chilli Vodka-500,000 Scoville Heat


  IN ONE SENTENCE-This devil’s tear from Master of Malt is Super Hot, and it literally is. This Naga Chilli Vodka Is Not For Faint Hearted Being-It’s Ghostly. Once in your lifetime you should taste the hottest nectar milked from this ghastly monster pepper; the pungent and its extract so horrendous that the India’s Defence Research ….

Designer Table Moon Lamp- Perfect Gift for Anyone

Designer moon lamp

    DARKNESS IS BEAUTIFUL ONLY when the moon shines. This beautiful designer table moon lamp creates a beautiful romantic ambience in your room any time even when the real moon in not around to fill the night sky. This is a perfect gift for best friends-him or her. Kids needs a lot of time ….

Transmit Sound Through Bone-Headphone

aftershockz bone conduction

Bone Conduction Earphone Will Change the Way You Listen to Your Favourite Music- SAY GOODBYE TO ear plugged headphones discomfort. A combination of amazing sound experience and getting to hear the surrounding sound at the same time while you play your favorite workout or running music is a fantastic evolution- an introduction of cool wearables ….

Self Stirring Coffee Mug

self stirring mug

  KILL YOUR BOREDOM with this self stirring coffee mug. Making coffee is not a tough job but sometimes it good to entertain yourself while doing ordinary task. Pamper your lazy bones once in a while and let the mug do the work for you. Keep your kids amused by gifting them this  mug that ….

Cow Dung Cakes Selling Like Hot cakes-No Bull Shit!


  Yes! Cow dung on sale-online. NO BULL SHIT!!!   Many of you may think this is one of the weirdest and interesting things people buy and sell on Amazon. Though it may sound unusual-It is not too weird either-if you really know why people buy such stuff ( no, not just for manure). And ….

Filter Water From any Source-Award Winning Lifestraw

lifestraw-water bottle

  LifeStraw Filter Water Bottle is a Lifesaver LifeStraw is a lifesaver not only for the unprivileged citizens-the poorest of the poor; but is also one of the best outdoor and survival water purifier filter kits available so far. All the adventurous souls would surely thank Vestergaard for their innovation and spirit to change peoples ….

‘Thug Life’ Sunglasses : Make GIF Come Alive


You have come across this ‘thug life’Deal with it Sunglasses somewhere- in a meme, animated GIF or YouTube videos. Now, you could make the GIF come to life. Great for when you want to convey to others that they should just, “deal with it.” Is your behavior objectionable, but you are tired of expressing in words ….

100%Waterproof Camera Backpack


Lowepro DryZone 200 is a perfect name for photo enthusiasts- It is waterproof and it even floats fully loaded. You never know where your next photography adventure will take you. Even if you are not a wildlife and travel photographer, you know how important it is to own a  tough and reliable friend to keep your ….

Smart Phone Controlled PaperPlane

smartphone paper plane

Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane As a kid, sometimes I wonder if my paper plane could reach higher and stay longer in the air. Don’t you tweak around and make fine adjustments to get the best possible results.  Fast forward to ‘Today’….I am glad, the young-wish came true this time with this smart phone flown machine; ….

Solar Fire Starter

solar fire starter

IT’S FUN TIME with Solar Fire Starter Survival kit While many may think, a matchbox or a pocket lighter would do the job, it is still interesting for scouts and campers to experiment different ways to make fire, a perfect off-the-grid activities for backpackers and water drift recreations (just in case your match box gets ….