Foldable Sunglasses- Best Gifts for Travellers

LESS IS MORE! ‘Creativity’ is the word to make things happen. Don’t carry your sunglass case whenever you hang out by the beaches or go for a long hike in the mountains. These cool and unique foldable sunglasses is the answer for hassle free travel and casual outings. Calling all the sporty people out there! ....

Selfie Beauty Lighting – Selfie Ring Light For Your Phone

Selfie beauty ring light
GETTING A GREAT photo is all about lighting-whether it is natural or flash lighting, be it direct, bounce or diffused. Now you can create similar lighting to what photographers called the beauty lighting  with this inexpensive selfie ring light. This lighting set up emulates studio lighting and help you get great direct softened light and ....

Eyeglasses Holder

eyeglasses holder, shades holder, gift for him india, gift for father , husband
Get an inexpensive yet very useful and quirky gift for your husband or your boyfriend. You won’t have to look for your glasses anymore; this moustache man -eyeglasses holder will help you keep track of it.

Anti-Tangle Wristband Headphone

wraps anti tangle wrist headphone
WEAR YOUR headphone as fashionable adornment whenever you are not listening to your favorite music. This anti-tangle wristband headphone wont give you the  burden of reorganizing or storing away in your bag or having to dangle around your neck. Its all about comfort, convenience and style wherever you are.      

Performance Powerbank for Travel Buddies Solar-Electricity-Car

solar electricity powerbank
POWER UP your smart phones any time anywhere with high performance coolnut solar and electricity powered power bank. A perfect companion for long trips and outdoor-alternatively you can recharge from your car charger.  Turbo charge your devices simultaneously with high power multiple 2.1 A USP port, and a capacity of 13000 mAh  means a lot ....

Transmit Sound Through Bone-Headphone

aftershockz bone conduction
Bone Conduction Earphone Will Change the Way You Listen to Your Favourite Music- SAY GOODBYE TO ear plugged headphones discomfort. A combination of amazing sound experience and getting to hear the surrounding sound at the same time while you play your favorite workout or running music is a fantastic evolution- an introduction of cool wearables ....

‘Thug Life’ Sunglasses : Make GIF Come Alive

You have come across this ‘thug life’Deal with it Sunglasses somewhere- in a meme, animated GIF or YouTube videos. Now, you could make the GIF come to life. Great for when you want to convey to others that they should just, “deal with it.” Is your behavior objectionable, but you are tired of expressing in words ....

Credit Card Size PowerBank-(Award Winning)

To all the travelers out there ! Don’t look further- here’s the slim and powerful guy you have been looking for as your travel companion. Just slip in your pocket anytime and you wont feel the load ( but feel recharged all the time). AWARD WINNING power bank ZAAP-The slim and powerful credit card sized ....

Intelligent Multiple Fast Charger for Cars

Turbo charge your smart phones and tablets-4 times faster with this universal multiple charging ports and never to worry about overcharging or overheating your device. A sleek and compact design meant for your perfect long road trip. It’s a true travel companion for cars everyone loves.