Alpaca Stool Creative Kids Furniture

Cute kids furniture

WHAT HAS FOUR LEGS that’s cute, you can sit on, store lots of stuffs in it and is very strong? This Alpaca/ Hippo Stool is an excellent addition to brighten up your kids and leisure room. What a great idea to make a cartoon character come alive-that’s very useful and attractive. A wonderful gift idea for ….

Funny Beer Mug

funny beer mug gifts

A PINT OF WITTINESS and fun is all we need to keep our beautiful life rolling at the end of the day. This funny beer mug is a perfect gift for those who can turn simple statement into lasting humour. You can get different wisecrack funny lines from Ramposh Beer Glasses for your weekend party. ….

Personalised Candle Shadow

personalised gift, Personalised Candle Shadow

CREATE A PERSONALISED message your loved ones will definitely die for. We all love creativity, and this is a great way to say how much you love him/her. Send a cute message or lovely tagline engraved with the name of your boyfriend / girl friend, sister, brother and loved ones  with your gift.

Anti Cut Safety Gloves

SOME JOBS like wood carving, cutting glasses and wire stripping are very tricky. Avoid potential injury and get your work done without any fear of getting nicks and cuts while handling sharp edges and blades with anti cut safety gloves. Apart from being a great buddy for mechanical works at your work shed, this food ….

Selfie Toaster

AS IF the social media and smart phone app is not enough for your self obsessed rituals, you can drink and eat selfie literally. it’s ‘no draining’ your money  for nothingness- It’s just being fun at breakfast. Fill and fun at the same time.    

Ship Shape Steam Lid


IT’S NOT JUST vessel boiling on your kitchen stove. it’s a great combination of  fascinating display of steam ship in action and  functionality as you prepare your meal.Made of high quality FDA food grade virgin silicone and microwave safe, the lid comes in different colours and sizes to fit  different bowls and pot rims.   ….

Police Badge Bottle Opener-Stainless Steel

cool bottle opener

Knock ! Knock ! ADD A SLICE OF HUMOUR to your gift as you present this cool police badge bottle/beer opener to a hero you look up to-be it a police officer in service or retired. This time he/she can say ‘open up the beverage bottles’. A great way to exhibit your personal bar even ….

Designer Nesting Knives-Award Winning

chef, paring , kitchen carving knives

SURELY, these award winning designer nesting knives set are crafted with passion for the love of creativity- A combination of great design, handling, usability, visually pleasing and artistic work with four different types of high quality stainless steel knives: paring, kitchen, chef and carving knife in one package.  Do you know someone who loves to cook ….

Globe Fire Pit-Custom Made

fie pit globe creative

  GET CREATIVE ! For art’s sake, set the whole world on fire in your backyard. This unique globe fire pit will catch everyone’s attention while keeping them warm and entertained. This creative Custom made fire pit carved out of thick steel will keep your patio and lawn alive for a very long time, and if ….

Hottest Naga Chilli Vodka-500,000 Scoville Heat


  IN ONE SENTENCE-This devil’s tear from Master of Malt is Super Hot, and it literally is. This Naga Chilli Vodka Is Not For Faint Hearted Being-It’s Ghostly. Once in your lifetime you should taste the hottest nectar milked from this ghastly monster pepper; the pungent and its extract so horrendous that the India’s Defence Research ….

Sink The Titanic Ice Cube in Your Drink

WILL IT BE TOO MUCH to have the image of a heartbroken story to chill your drinks at your fun filled party.The Titanic hit an iceberg and sank that fateful night. Never mind the offensive idea. Your friends will surely like the idea of reminding them of how cold the night was when the Titanic ….

Guitar Shaped Ice Cube Tray

ice molds guitar

  Guitar Shaped Silicone Ice Cube Molds for stylish drink- Get groovy and creative  for your house warming party or weekend chill after a hard days work. I am sure the glasses with the guitars are going to be the center of attraction for everyone the first-few-minutes as the party kicks off. Made from food ….