Wooden Labyrinth Game-Indian Handmade

ONCE IN A WHILE, free yourself from the busyness of everyday endeavours. This wooden labyrinth game handcrafted by Indian artisans is a great choice for family entertainment to practice patience and have engaging fun at the same time. This traditional game from uncommongoods.com is one way to let your child experience traditional game to relieve ....

Alpaca Stool Creative Kids Furniture

Cute kids furniture
WHAT HAS FOUR LEGS that’s cute, you can sit on, store lots of stuffs in it and is very strong? This Alpaca/ Hippo Stool is an excellent addition to brighten up your kids and leisure room. What a great idea to make a cartoon character come alive-that’s very useful and attractive. A wonderful gift idea for ....

Funny Fish Shaped Pouch

gifts for kids, fish zipper pouch , weird gifts
Fish your pens, pencils and make up kit out from a fish belly. This  weird and funny fish shaped pouch is a perfect gift for kids and novelty freak friends.  Made of soft and high quality material and padded forms.-it is hilariously a perfect organiser for small accessories and stationery items. 

Elephant Pillow Toys

Elephant pillow Toys kids
Get a perfect buddy for your angel to cozy up for sweet slumber with style and comfort. Also, a  perfect play mate to wake up to. This soft cotton stuffed elephant pillow is a great birthday gift for kids.

Syringe Pens And Marker

syringe pens and markers
  ISN’T IT COOL to withdraw a syringe from your pocket and do some incredible things like writing on your notepad with it literally?-a short display of legendary act before everyone realizes the truth. Do you know someone likely to get a heart attack on being exposed to syringe and needle. Make it worse by ....

Cartoon Illusion Bag- Comic 2d Inspired

cartoon bags 2d
TRANSFORM CARTOON character bag into a fashionable piece of existence, turn every eyes including the kids wherever you go! Inspired by comic books, cartoon illusion 2d bag is definitely an interesting work of art for your accessories, glasses, phone etc. Passerby will look twice and make sure if it’s really a cartoon thing you are carrying around. ....

ThermoSteel Bottle With Fruit Infuser-Keep Cold or Hot

fruit infuser insulated bottle
QUENCH YOUR THIRST the natural way by infusing fresh fruits- Avoid artificial fruity flavour. It is not an ordinary bottle with just an infuser, this fruit infuser ThemoSteel bottle comes with FDA approved stainless steel vacuum insulation. Whether you are at the gym, office or outside, you can always keep your drink as cool as you have packed ....

Inflatable Solar Lamp – Lightweight and Waterproof

THE LUCI SOLAR LAMP, created and designed to light the homes deprived of basic electricity in developing countries has also become the darling of hard core adventurers and outdoor enthusiast. Created in 2012 to provide clean and affordable energy, it has come a long way in conceiving advanced variants- a must have gear for off-grid ....

Disguised Dictionary Safe Box

disguised book safe
  THIS DISGUISED dictionary safe is the last thing a burglar will look for, and the chances are 1 in million unless the mischievous crook happened to stumble upon the same article you are reading right now. The ‘New English Dictionary’ safe box looks exactly like a real book and is a perfect camouflage that ....

Mermaid Tail Blanket- Hand Knitted Looks

mermaid blanket
AWAKEN YOUR FASCINATION and keep the legendary folklore alive by transforming yourself into a beautiful aquatic creature by slipping into this warm mermaid tail blanket. The gorgeous sea theme blue perfectly add a touch of marine personality. This is a perfect gift idea for your girlfriend ( who wishes she was a mermaid).  Cozy up! ....

Inflatable Bumper Bubble Soccer Ball

bubble soccer bal
FUN TIME HAS MANY faces.  Beat the Xbox video game with this real life outdoor entertainment-‘a real life video game’. It’s a perfect gift for kids to chase them from virtual lifestyle and relief them from joysticks for once. Bubble soccer promised you a fun filled laughter for all age groups.  

Designer Table Moon Lamp- Perfect Gift for Anyone

Designer moon lamp
    DARKNESS IS BEAUTIFUL ONLY when the moon shines. This beautiful designer table moon lamp creates a beautiful romantic ambience in your room any time even when the real moon in not around to fill the night sky. This is a perfect gift for best friends-him or her. Kids needs a lot of time ....

Self Stirring Coffee Mug

self stirring mug
  KILL YOUR BOREDOM with this self stirring coffee mug. Making coffee is not a tough job but sometimes it good to entertain yourself while doing ordinary task. Pamper your lazy bones once in a while and let the mug do the work for you. Keep your kids amused by gifting them this  mug that ....

Smart Phone Controlled PaperPlane

smartphone paper plane
Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane As a kid, sometimes I wonder if my paper plane could reach higher and stay longer in the air. Don’t you tweak around and make fine adjustments to get the best possible results.  Fast forward to ‘Today’….I am glad, the young-wish came true this time with this smart phone flown machine; ....

Quick Guitar Learning System Pack

guitar learning pack
LEARN TO PLAY THE GUITAR EFFORTLESSLY in no time. While this guitar learning system is a perfect gift for beginners and kids- It is also an instant motivational boost for serious starters or even for adults who just loves to strum for fun. Even the instructions in the DVD will give you a quick break ....