Hogwarts Acceptance Letter

WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME you got a hand written letter? It is such a mystic feeling in this digital age. But hey! this one is not just a letter but a personalised acceptance letter from Hogwarts School. Baffle someone you love who had been wishing to get into the best witchcraft school by sending this ....

Funny Beer Mug

funny beer mug gifts
A PINT OF WITTINESS and fun is all we need to keep our beautiful life rolling at the end of the day. This funny beer mug is a perfect gift for those who can turn simple statement into lasting humour. You can get different wisecrack funny lines from Ramposh Beer Glasses for your weekend party. ....

Funny Fish Shaped Pouch

gifts for kids, fish zipper pouch , weird gifts
Fish your pens, pencils and make up kit out from a fish belly. This  weird and funny fish shaped pouch is a perfect gift for kids and novelty freak friends.  Made of soft and high quality material and padded forms.-it is hilariously a perfect organiser for small accessories and stationery items. 

Syringe Pens And Marker

syringe pens and markers
  ISN’T IT COOL to withdraw a syringe from your pocket and do some incredible things like writing on your notepad with it literally?-a short display of legendary act before everyone realizes the truth. Do you know someone likely to get a heart attack on being exposed to syringe and needle. Make it worse by ....

Selfie Toaster

AS IF the social media and smart phone app is not enough for your self obsessed rituals, you can drink and eat selfie literally. it’s ‘no draining’ your money  for nothingness- It’s just being fun at breakfast. Fill and fun at the same time.    

$100 Bill Toilet Paper-Gag Gifts

HELP YOUR FRIEND find alternative ways of flushing their money down the drain without any regrets. Send this $100 bill toilet paper as gag gifts-No shitty Idea ehh! This is one perfect way of keeping your dream of having incredible wealth alive by wiping your ass affluently while you rest in the comfort of your ....

Fart Gas Neutralizing Pads – Gag Gift

NOW YOU CAN quietly release the ‘mischief gas’ and say good bye to embarrassing moments and having to forced control your fart. This fart gas neutralizer pad comes with activated Physico- natural absorption technology, comfortable to wear, hygienic and lightweight.  You might want to send this as a gag gift to your friends and relatives ....