Maternity Pillow For Pregnant Women

best gift for your pregnant wife.

GET THE BEST GIFT for your pregnant wife. Maternity sleeping pillow for pregnant women is a true companion for expecting mother for comfortable sleep and adequate rest. It comes with different shapes and sizes to suit your sleeping position and patterns. Also a useful pillow even after the child’s birth. 

Easy Spiral Ear Wax Cleaner- Say No to Cotton Swabs

SAY GOODBYE to cotton swabs and introduce effective way of removing ear wax with innovative Easy Spiral Ear Wax Cleaner that’s soft, easy to use, safe and comfortable. With a simple twisting motion in the direction of the arrow, it easily extract wax thoroughly without wasting any time. Experts do not recommend using cotton swabs. Get a healthy habit ….

ThermoSteel Bottle With Fruit Infuser-Keep Cold or Hot

fruit infuser insulated bottle

QUENCH YOUR THIRST the natural way by infusing fresh fruits- Avoid artificial fruity flavour. It is not an ordinary bottle with just an infuser, this fruit infuser ThemoSteel bottle comes with FDA approved stainless steel vacuum insulation. Whether you are at the gym, office or outside, you can always keep your drink as cool as you have packed ….

LED Display Smart Rope- Evolved Electronic Skipping Rope

Digital jump rope smart rope

GET YOUR WORKOUT data displayed in mid air in front of you as you work out with this Smart Rope. It is an evolved futuristic digital workout buddy that records your jump count, calories burned and workout progress. It sync with Smart Gym: a mobile platform that acts like a personal trainer, encourage you to ….

Fart Gas Neutralizing Pads – Gag Gift


NOW YOU CAN quietly release the ‘mischief gas’ and say good bye to embarrassing moments and having to forced control your fart. This fart gas neutralizer pad comes with activated Physico- natural absorption technology, comfortable to wear, hygienic and lightweight.  You might want to send this as a gag gift to your friends and relatives ….

Sting and Bite Poison Sucker-Emergency First Aid Kit


PAINLESSLY EXTRACT INSECT POISON  and string from wasp, bees, ants and unfriendly bugs. A must have emergency kit for all nature lovers, farm, outdoor, recreation and camping or even for home use or at least store away in your car. Many are skeptical about treating a snake bite with any suction pump or extractor but this ….

Filter Water From any Source-Award Winning Lifestraw

lifestraw-water bottle

  LifeStraw Filter Water Bottle is a Lifesaver LifeStraw is a lifesaver not only for the unprivileged citizens-the poorest of the poor; but is also one of the best outdoor and survival water purifier filter kits available so far. All the adventurous souls would surely thank Vestergaard for their innovation and spirit to change peoples ….

Filter Water Anywhere-Removes Bacteria 99.999% From Any Water Source

lifestraw steel water purifying kit

Drink Water From Any Source But Stay 100% Safe Designed for underprivileged communities of the third world  countries but later entered the market as consumer product; this is an award winning ( Times Magazine) advanced personal water filter ideal for adventurers, trackers and campers and emergencies. LifeStraw is one of the most important outdoor survival ….