Hogwarts Acceptance Letter

WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME you got a hand written letter? It is such a mystic feeling in this digital age. But hey! this one is not just a letter but a personalised acceptance letter from Hogwarts School. Baffle someone you love who had been wishing to get into the best witchcraft school by sending this ....

Selfie Portrait Stamp

customised portrait stamp
APART FROM INSTAGRAM AND FACEBOOK self obsessed rituals, you might want to introduce to the world a new style of selfie in a retro way by getting a customised Selfie Portrait Stamp for wedding invitation, holiday gifts, stamp card and mails, or even as valentine’s gift for your love.  

PornBurger Cook Book

pornburger book M ramsey
FORGET ABOUT the title of the book. It just doesn’t mean to get your attention but truly speaking, if there was a need for Parental Guidance Advisory to get past culinary censor board, this book definitely needs a rating to get you through your gustatory sensuality. This ‘PornBurger’ by Mathew Ramsey is meant for all ....

Syringe Pens And Marker

syringe pens and markers
  ISN’T IT COOL to withdraw a syringe from your pocket and do some incredible things like writing on your notepad with it literally?-a short display of legendary act before everyone realizes the truth. Do you know someone likely to get a heart attack on being exposed to syringe and needle. Make it worse by ....

Medicinal Gift for Funny Bones

gifts for funny bones
My girlfriend and I often laugh about how competitive we are.BUT I laugh more.” Unknown Boyfriend Get the smell of  real books for real once again-A compilation of original joke mostly sent by the readers of the Reader’s Digest. Simply put- just lay your smartphone to rest for a while and get these medicines or send ....