Foldable Mini Keyboard For Smart Devices- Award Winning

Foldable Keyboard aluminium award winning

HELLO TRAVELERS and lover of minimalist lifestyle!  Make the most of your work and digital life more exciting, professional and efficient-Be it at home or outside, this lightweight award winning portable tri-fold aluminium keyboard works across all devices that comes with advanced bluetooth technology and powerful battery life.Made of aircraft grade aluminium material, this device ….

Adjustable Laptop Stand- Sofa,Bed,Couch and Lazyboy

foldable adjustable laptop stand light

ACCESS YOUR LAPTOP in any position as you desired.Don’t let any discomfort or computer related injury hamper your work- Enjoy productive lifestyle with versatile laptop stand.This adjustable lightweight portable laptop stand allows you to comfortably work from anywhere: be it on your lazy boy, lying on your sofa,couch or bean bags. You can also create ….

Selfie Beauty Lighting – Selfie Ring Light For Your Phone

Selfie beauty ring light

GETTING A GREAT photo is all about lighting-whether it is natural or flash lighting, be it direct, bounce or diffused. Now you can create similar lighting to what photographers called the beauty lighting  with this inexpensive selfie ring light. This lighting set up emulates studio lighting and help you get great direct softened light and ….

Virtual Laser keyboard- Light Weight and Life Size

virtual laser keyboard

THIS VIRTUAL LASER KEYBOARD might have been in fiction movies long time ago. But ‘today’ was the future we have been talking about  then, and now that it’s here, you can experience the application of modern gadgets the sci-fi way. This futuristic laser keyboard can be used on any flat surface. This is a useful ….

Performance Powerbank for Travel Buddies Solar-Electricity-Car

solar electricity powerbank

POWER UP your smart phones any time anywhere with high performance coolnut solar and electricity powered power bank. A perfect companion for long trips and outdoor-alternatively you can recharge from your car charger.  Turbo charge your devices simultaneously with high power multiple 2.1 A USP port, and a capacity of 13000 mAh  means a lot ….

Transmit Sound Through Bone-Headphone

aftershockz bone conduction

Bone Conduction Earphone Will Change the Way You Listen to Your Favourite Music- SAY GOODBYE TO ear plugged headphones discomfort. A combination of amazing sound experience and getting to hear the surrounding sound at the same time while you play your favorite workout or running music is a fantastic evolution- an introduction of cool wearables ….

‘Thug Life’ Sunglasses : Make GIF Come Alive


You have come across this ‘thug life’Deal with it Sunglasses somewhere- in a meme, animated GIF or YouTube videos. Now, you could make the GIF come to life. Great for when you want to convey to others that they should just, “deal with it.” Is your behavior objectionable, but you are tired of expressing in words ….