About Coolcrow

Sometime you want to take a break and just kill your time 


….may be you are looking for cool gag-gift, geek gadgets, unique gift and trying to come up with funny gift ideas for friends and love ones  -be it birthday gift for him/her, house warming parties, anniversaries and Award winning essential outdoor gear/ kit etc .


…you just want to avoid the ever increasing negative vibrations you get from the news Channels and headlines but rather hang out online- buy cool stuff or enjoy going through all the unique latest stuffs you can  spend your money fast-forward in a cool way.

I like having some fun, and flipping through all the interesting stuffs online is what I like ( sometime when I sense  I’ll have a showdown with boredom )  and thats how Coolcrow grows: From the normal flipping to creating a platform  to showcase the best handpicked products: be it designer, weird & whacky, cool, fun gadgets, cute home decor, new tech gadget and gizmos etc. 

There are so many less known cool stuffs available online. I know, some of them look cool but are ridiculously useless. But hey, ‘Only COOL STUFFS here-Nothing Else’.

We want you to enjoy as much as we enjoy sharing all the cool things. 

We do not sell any product directly from our site or associated with any company and their products in any way.However, We get small commissions on some of our listed products as referral fees, such as Amazon.